29th of May 2012
a breath of fresh air

a breath of fresh air

30th of April 2012
13th of January 2012

I don’t know how to get to where I need to be.

7th of September 2011
24th of August 2011
this too shall pass 
15th of May 2011
26th of April 2011
11th of April 2011

confession 1100410

some of the best time of my life have been spent with you, & often because of you. you meant so much to me, & i tried to mean something to you.

i have always done everything i possibly could for you. but you don’t do the same for me, & never will. 

i love you, but i am done trying. 

7th of April 2011
you caught me on the way down
oh, honey please hold my hand before I drown
tie my hands before I burn this town
you caught me on the way down 
22nd of March 2011
flowers from my love

flowers from my love

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